On March 10, 11 and 12, an appointment at FEVAL – Trade Fair Institution of Extremadura with FIAL 2019.

Forum Experience … an experience fair. Sensory experiences and especially business.

FIAL, the International Food Fair offers a unique opportunity to make business contacts, to close current and future agreements.

Trade fairs such as FIAL are an unparalleled setting to introduce Extremaduran products and brands to large distribution chains. Attending this type of events for professionals only allows you to gain visibility and differentiate yourself from the competition.

The XXIX edition of FIAL, has an important novelty for the exhibitors. Meetings with national buyers are organized, which are the most interesting for SMEs and regional micro-SMEs. Many of the companies in Extremadura can not deal with international orders because they do not have an adequate infrastructure for this, but they can meet the demands of large distributors within our country.

And if your company has the capacity to export, the international meetings organized by Extremadura Avante will be held coinciding with FIAL. This year we will again have numerous interviews with importers from 19 countries.

The innovation will also have a place in this fair aimed at food professionals. FIAL 2018 will celebrate the 1st Iberian Forum on Food Technology with presentations and round tables to discuss technologies and innovation in companies.

Extremadura has shown to have qualities to grow and to innovate. Proof of this is the celebration of the V edition of the innovative products competition held in Forum FIAL and which aims to promote and encourage national and international supply of food and beverages products, which in their development have processes of innovation .

Innovation and business growth in Extremadura has ceased to be a “hope” and has become a reality.